ISISism Edit

A religion saying if your not a Jihad, you should die. It is a subreligion of Islam

Reaganism Edit

A religion that worships IDrowzee, that says you must be stronk in the world, and Reagan is the only true leader

Polandball Atheism Edit

They believe in the history of Polandball and no other religions.

Userism Edit

They believe the Users are the gods. They disbelieve users that have been gone for a while. Antonio is God, Bain is son of God, Groox is Bain's Brother, Pisces is Satan.

Spammism Edit

They believe that spam is divine shit and must be treated as it's God.

Redditism Edit

A religion worshipping reddit /r/polandball mods, among which DickRhino, the main God-mod. It focuses on betraying Polandball Wikia and häil Reddit fascism.

Adminism Edit

Worship the three main admins of the wikia. Sometimes, jihadic administs may decide to worship only one of the three admins, usually Antonio. Beware of these bossy users because they'll try to ban you and take place of the admins.